Monday, August 20, 2012

You Inspire!

In my post last Sunday, I shared my “a-ha” turning point...about how to approach aging and going gray, when I saw a photo of Yasmina Rossi in a magazine, looking vibrant, energetic, and gloriously gray.  Quite suddenly, I realized that...1. just because I was getting older didn’t mean I had to be tired, overweight, and out of shape, and…2. gray hair was beautiful, and could really be much more flattering than dying my hair the color it was when I was a teenager. It was a real epiphany!

I began to look for more images of Yasmina, as well as photos of other silver-haired icons and role models, and I found enough to convince me that getting healthy and happy, and keeping my hair long and naturally gray was the way to go.  But If I hadn’t seen Yasmina’s picture in the magazine, I might have caved to the pressure of well-meaning friends, thrown in the towel, purchased the “Mom” jeans, and cut my hair and dyed it brown.
My point?  Yasmina is an inspiration. as well as all of the other lovely silver-haired models, actresses, etc. whose photos I discovered online and in magazines.  BUT SO ARE WE!  Maybe you don’t even know it, but every time you go out into the world with your foxy silver locks…joyful, confident, stylish, not trying to look twenty, but lookin’ good…you could be the one who tips the scales…the one who changes somebody’s mind about going gray…who puts a positive spin on growing up with panache.  WE INSPIRE!  So when you leave the house today, and every day, remember…YOU could be the one who inspires someone else’s turning point!



  1. Just found you through facebook; what a great idea. I look forward to visiting!


    1. Hi...and thanks for visiting. I'll be sure to check out your blog as well. Have a great day!

  2. I like that post about the dress and the salesGIRL - Ive lived that same story. I like this post and the end is great, I could be the one who inspires someone else's turning point of NOT dying their hair. I wear my hair gray and when Im out and about someone in the crowd, usually a bowtoxed 30something afraid of aging, says to me "why dont you color your hair?" Wow. Why would I? To have it look flat and dull? To pay someone $$$ to cover up natural highlights? I have brown/auburn hair that went gray starting at the crown, near my forehead. I had the white streak for a while till the rest of the crown caught up! My hair is awesome! Everyone says so. I get compliments on bad hair days, on the bus, at the store and so many other times when I just dont feel good about myself, someone will compliment my hair. I like that I can just BE - Im a natural beauty!