Monday, January 30, 2012

Personal Style & You ~ Marianne Kobie

What is my style? Since I retired 8 years ago, it has changed dramatically. I am fortunate enough to live in warm weather year round, because of that I own mostly 100% cotton clothes. My usual outfit is a sleeveless tee and shorts or a cotton dress. I am adding jewel colors into my wardrobe, which is so fun, since I had been just a 'brown' person for so many years. You will usually only find me in flip-flops or flat sandals. I have not used a hairdryer in years. I don't wear a watch, and very little jewelry, but I do try and remember to put on long earrings each day. My make-up consists of lipstick and mascara and occasional blush. I guess I always look ready for yoga - which is something I love to do. My silver hair really has fit into my low maintenance life style. So, I guess I just answered what my style is "low maintenance".

Marianne Kobie

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Personal Style & You ~ Lynn Oster McClain

Lynn is a new member of Gray and Proud, and has graciously agreed to post her personal style story on Silver Foxes...

You inquired about personal style - I'm 67, so perhaps I'm "too long in the tooth" to be interesting, but here it is anyway. At the age of 60, I decided to base my entire wardrobe on jeans and nearly eight years later my style has endured. I never wear dresses or skirts (hate the look of pantyhose or bare legs on older women, unless they're in amazing shape) and won't wear trousers or slacks in any fabric.

It's all jeans, all the time... I'm thin so I currently favor skinny jeans in white, multiple rinses from light to dark and different fabrications (cotton, cord, velvet, satin, etc.). I keep my jeans style current with tops (always black), jackets (motocross, field, cropped, etc.) and shoes.

Are you still awake?? That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Thanks for sharing, Lynn...and welcome to the group!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Personal Style & YOU...

This year, instead of the usual New Year's know...lose weight, exercise, get in shape, etc...I've decided to bring more style into my life. I'm documenting that quest for style in my blog Food+Clothing+Shelter.

Here is an excerpt...

Style? What does that mean? Well, there are endless varieties, and everyone has some type of style…no, really they do. But the kind of style I’m referring to heralds back to a time when life was kinder…gentler…more gracious…more graceful…more…well…stylish.

No, I’m not sinking into a sad, wistful…and futile… state of longing for days gone by. I have no intention of rejecting technology and modern conveniences. And I’m not trying to be pompous, pretentious, or snobbish. My quest for style has nothing to do with money, exclusivity, denial, or keeping up with the Jones’s. It has more to do with personal satisfaction and quality of life.

A huge part of style is personal style. The way we dress, and pull ourselves together everyday, is a uniquely individual process, and a clear indicator of our style. We all have a style - developed through the years by our preferences, and by trial and error. We learn what looks good on our bodies, how much time and money we want to dedicate to clothing, toiletries, cosmetics, etc., and we decide what looks and feels right for us.

I posted a blurb on the Gray and Proud Page earlier this month, asking you all to share with the group the things that define your personal style. Writing a description of your own personal style is fun, and often reveals as much about yourself to you as it does to others.

I'll begin with mine...from Food+Clothing+Shelter...

My own personal style is identifiable, but perhaps a tad lazy. There are days when I’m pulled together, and others when I’m schlepping through the mall in sweats and flip-flops. I wear a lot of black…it goes with everything, and requires very little pre-planning. I prefer “wash and wear.“ I don’t iron, so most of my clothes are stretchy…or wrinkled.:) I like black jeans too. My hair is long and zero maintenance. I don’t dye, and I blow dry on the way to work with the car windows rolled down. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I usually wear mascara, blush, and lipstick. I like to be comfortable…maybe a little too comfortable…

How would you describe your personal style? If you'd like to share with us what makes you...YOU...send your blurb to to my FB message box, and I'll post it on Silver Foxes.

Have a stylish day!


Sunday, January 1, 2012