Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hip waitin' to happen...

One of my favorite quotes, that I stole from my friend Deb, is “I’m hip waitin’ to happen.”  Don’t you sometimes feel like that’s what we are?

As far back as I can remember, I’ve lived in a youth and beauty obsessed culture…which was swell when I was young.  But now, I sometimes feel like I’ve been black-balled at sorority rush.

I was shopping the other day, and when I asked the young sales clerk what she thought about the dress I was trying on, she replied, “It’s cute…but kind of…not right…for someone your age.”  “What do you mean?” I asked.  “Oh…well…it’s a little sexy,” she answered.  (What?!!  I don’t like sex anymore?!  You could’ve fooled me!)  It was spoken in a tone that implied, “why bother?”

No, it wasn’t too short or overly tight…no major cleavage.  It wasn’t my usual black and I’ll admit, it was slightly out of my “comfort zone,“ but I was considering branching out.  Instead, I put it back on the hanger and slunk out of the store.

Why do I sometimes feel insignificant?  Invisible?  I’ll tell you.  Look at the size two mannequins.  Look at the salesgirl.  Look at the fashion magazines…check out the ads.  If it’s a middle-aged women, the ad is usually about hair dye, osteoporosis, or hormone replacement.  Walk into a restaurant behind an attractive young girl who’s having the door held open by a guy and watch the door slam in your face. (Not all men do this, but it’s happened to me and my older girlfriends more than once)

But times are changing, and we’re going to make it happen.  The youngsters just need to get on the program.  Before you know it, age will be a non-issue.  Because we boomers don’t settle for crumbs!

So today, I’m thinking about going back to buy the dress.  And I want to say to the cute, bleached blond salesgirl. “Honey, I’m not too old to wear this dress…I’m hip waitin’ to happen!  And I‘m gettin’ antsy!”



  1. Go Girl! I bet you fabulous in that dress. If it feels right then why not indeed. PS. Hope we get some pictures also :)

  2. Little bitch, lol! Can't wait to see pics of you in the dress, Carol!