Sunday, August 19, 2012

Silver Spotlight ~ Chris Zuzze

I started coloring my hair when I was about 22 years old.  So very young for the vicious cycle to begin.   I learned at an early age the meaning of that terrible word “roots”.  I was streaked, light blonde, dark blonde, light brown, dark brown, red – any color you can think of.  But not matter what I did, after just a few short weeks, it would turn orange!!!  I always blamed it on the Florida sun, but I now believe the color simply washed right down the drain. 

In November 2011 I had enough.  I was sick of looking at every picture of myself and seeing that horrible orange, unnatural color.   I was determined to end this self-destructive “every two” week color routine.  I did almost cave a few days before Christmas.  But I was strong and thought – NO, it’s only one day.  It will be over in a short 24 hours.  I endured!!!  

After Christmas, I buzzed my head so it wouldn’t have to deal with the two-tone horrible look.  It was very short and I received a lot of criticism.  The people I worked with thought I had lost my mind.  But I prevailed.  I held my ground and just kept smiling.  Because I cut it so short, it was over very quickly for me.  All of a sudden I had the most beautiful, healthy, shiny silver hair.  People started to take a second look.  As it grew longer, I was getting more and more compliments.   The people that were so against me doing this “horrible” thing of letting my natural silver grow in, started to come around.  I started getting rave reviews!  I have never, ever been so happy.  It is the best decision I have made in my life!  I feel freer than I have felt in 40 years.  I very often see admiring glances from ladies and gentlemen and they are looking at my hair.  Without saying a word, I have influenced woman I care about to do the same thing.  I don’t believe in pushing my decision on others, but if just by looking at my hair, I encourage others to try the same – it brings me much joy. 

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  This is one happy lady here.  I hope anyone that reads this might be so inclined to try it themselves.  If not, that’s ok too.  It’s a very personal choice and not for everyone.  Thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts.

Chris Zuzze, West Palm Beach, FL  (one very happy and free 60 year old!)


  1. You are definitely a silver fox!

  2. You are so beautiful Chris and your silver hair so striking, healthy and shiny - a true inspiration :)