Sunday, November 6, 2011

Silver Spotlight ~ Michele Burge

My story is very similar to so many others but so different because it is mine! How we decide to begin this journey to become our authentic self varies from person to person and I for one had no idea how this decision would forever change my life! It was last December as I was laying in bed thinking about the past year and all the health problems I was having I thought to myself...maybe I will Google letting my hair go gray! It seems that most of my life changing ideas come to me when I lay in bed and can't when I got up I went straight to the computer and typed in letting your hair go gray....there was so much information but the best place I found was the Going Gray Looking Great as I read about everything ....every story had a happy ending....I started reading and I still, one year later, have never stopped reading about it! Then I found one friend on FB...Yasmina Rossi and from her my list of silver sisters has grown and I hope will continue to grow!

My hair is completely silver except for a few blondish tips that will come off at my next trim....I love it...when I look in the mirror I see a whole different person than I used to be....I loved the old me but the new me is my authentic self! This is a journey that I have been on for... well for my lifetime.....not just the color of my hair has changed...I have connected with so many amazing women who have inspired me to do what I love with this one life that I have! It has connected me with women...who have not all started this silver journey....but strong amazing women who are doing what they love!

For me my journey has led me to being the best most healthy positive person I can has got me writing which is something I have always wanted to has got me drawing has opened up a whole new world for me...I sometimes wonder how by simply choosing to stop putting hair dye on my hair could I change so much but I know the Universe gives us thoughts and ideas and we have the choice to act on them or just continue down the path that everyone thinks we should be on....I choose to take a different route on my journey and it has not always been an easy one....going gray seems to be against the grain of society.....but I stuck with it and now that I am thru the transition I get so many compliments and people love it...not that it really matters either way!


  1. Love your bio Michele - so inspiring! You have a beautiful, warm smile and your silver curls are just gorgeous! :)

  2. It was great meeting you through Skype! Your story is an inspiration - I can't wait to see where your journey takes you!

  3. Michele, as you know I went through the same spiritual transition when I went natural. In fact, I ended up with a whole new life! :) It certainly is and interesting and very unexpected result.

    It's sort of the chicken and the egg, eh? Do we start the spiritual transition and stop colouring our hair? Or do we stop colouring our hair and then start the spiritual transition? Hmmm....