Sunday, November 13, 2011

Silver Spotlight ~ Lori Marshall Olson

I was one of those women who told myself and others that I'd dye my hair until I was 80...ha ha! Well...things change don't they?! I began a weight loss journey in April of 2010. As I lost weight and saw the changes in my body, I noticed that my hair still looked the same...shoulder length and dyed black. I had been dying it at home every four weeks. I got so tired of the smell, the mess and the fact that the dye was no longer covering all the gray. I got online and did a search for gray hair. I found the "Going Gray Looking Great" site and loved reading all the bios and looking at the pictures. I found several of the women on Facebook and became friends with them. I decided in Feb. of 2011 that I would no longer dye my hair. I was a little nervous, but also excited to see what I would look like. My kids were not supportive at first, my youngest even saying, "For the sake of me and my friends, please don't do that!". I think we all have this image in our heads of a grandmotherly type with gray hair that isn't in the most appealing style! In April of 2011 I had my hair cut into a pixie style. I liked seeing the different shades of silver come through and after only four months, the last of the dye was gone and I was left with a salt and pepper spiky doo! My husband and kids love the new look and I get compliments all the time on the cut and color. My son says I'm a "hip Mom!" I've left the hair dye and the extra weight behind and it feels great!! I have lost 123 lbs. with about 27 left to go. I've loving the new "me"!


  1. Lori - you look so gorgeous and chic with your salt and pepper and you are a true inspiration! Well done on your weight loss too! :)

  2. Look at all my beautiful Silver & Grace gals here! Lori, Dawn, Michele *claps hands with glee* Thank you so much, Carol, for showcasing these awesome women.

    Lori, you totally embody the Silver & Grace key word sexy. Not just for your beautiful silver hair and your gorgeous body, but for your glorious spirit.

  3. i always tell lori how much i love her haircut...she must be so tired of me by look amazing lori...
    thank you carol
    another carol...