Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Maye Musk ~ A True Silver Fox

Recently I was at Barnes & Noble, browsing through the magazine section, when an issue of New York Magazine caught my eye. On the cover, was a photo of a naked woman standing with one arm across her breasts, and the other cradling her very pregnant belly, a la Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991. The caption read, “Is She Just Too Old For This?” The woman was very attractive, clearly over fifty, and had gorgeous, silvery white hair.

The article inside was about a woman in her fifties, having a baby by the process of securing a donor egg, having the egg fertilized with her husband’s sperm, and then having it implanted into her own womb.

And as it turns out, the woman on the magazine cover was neither pregnant nor completely naked. The belly was the result of some Photoshop magic, and she was wearing a flesh-colored thong. And, she was sixty three years old! But what blew me away about the photo was, not that someone her age might be pregnant, but how extremely cool and confident she must be to pose almost nude for the cover of a prominent magazine.

After a little research, I discovered that she’s a model named Maye Musk. I contacted her and asked if I could feature her in Silver Foxes, and she responded to my request with a resounding “Yes” and “Silver Rules!”

Some of you already know Maye, but for those of you who do not, she is also an anti-aging expert, nutrition spokesperson, speaker, counselor and registered dietitian in New York City. She has helped people all over the world fight obesity, lose weight and feel fantastic every day.

Maye’s dynamic career has spanned forty years and 7 cities in 3 countries. She has worked as a trusted nutrition expert with numerous corporations, associations and universities all over the world.

Her book, Feel Fantastic, is a complete encyclopedia of good health habits, empowering readers to live their best life every day. It was featured on one million Special K cereal boxes throughout Canada. In 2006, Maye’s colleagues in dietetics awarded her the Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Through her counseling practice in New York City, Maye helps her clients lose weight, become healthier and increase their energy level.

To compliment her career in dietetics, Maye has been a professional model for over 46 years. She currently is represented by agencies in NYC, LA, London, Paris, Hamburg, and Toronto. She has 3 children and 7 grandsons.

Here are Maye’s suggestions for maintaining health and energy, and Feeling Fantastic!

Health ~

· Lose weight. If you carry extra weight, make an effort to lose it and keep it off. If you are a:
. Night Eater: Limit eating after dinner to a fruit or yogurt
. Binge Eater: Plan something fun to do at binge times
. Overeater: Increase vegetables and fruits to keep you full
. Sweet eater: Eat a fruit before each sweet food
. Big drinker: Drink sparkling water before and between every drink
. Use willpower, it’s not easy
. Avoid fad diets. They give “diets” a bad name as they let you down long-term
. Save money. Don’t take a supplement until you’ve seen a dietitian. FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition has posted "Tips for the Savvy Supplement User," a guide to making informed decisions about the use of dietary supplements. Visit this site:

Fitness ~

· Keep active every day.
· If you find your routine boring, vary it.
· Do stretches while watching television.
· Read a book while on the stationary bike.
· Listen to music or watch television while on the treadmill.
· Take a class at your gym to push you further.
· You need to keep moving.

Image ~

· When you feel good about yourself, it’s easier to eat well and be active
· Improve the way you look by
. walking tall
. taking an extra five minutes a day to care about how you look
. smiling
· Be positive, don’t complain
· Say nice things every day
· Be good to people

Stay Young ~

· All of the above and
· Keep your mind active
· Start a hobby that keeps you busy
· Take courses in languages
· Read bestsellers
· Do crossword puzzles or Soduko
· Get a pet

Print these ideas out. List them in order of priority and start right away with your first change. Three weeks later, when this change is established, move on to the next change. The only way to Feel Fantastic for Life is to make an improvement in your lifestyle, and persist with the changes. It’s not easy. Good luck!

Thank you Maye! You are an inspiration, and a true Silver Fox!