Sunday, October 30, 2011

Silver Spotlight ~ PIA Gronning

to all you wonderful SILVER FOXES

My story about how I turned grey,well, actually not grey,more what I call Champagne Blond,is really not that exciting.

I did not have to go through that scary process it sounds like a lot of you had to endure.I was kind of Strawberry blond,when I was younger and living in Los Angeles started bleaching my hair without me really noticing it.I am a very out doorsy person,so I did not ever think about protecting my hair.I have only colored my hair once in my whole life and that was for a very well paying job for Clairol.It messed up my hair a lot and it took a few years with highlights and low-lights to get it back into my original color.And after that I said,NO MORE!!!! I guess it kind of gradually turned kind of white/blonde. My 95 years old dad in Denmark is the one always comments on how grey my hair has become over the years........I never noticed it.

I am still working as a model and I have to say I am VERY tired of advertisers always using very young models to model different product.Our age group is a huge demographic and we should be treated with a lot more respect.I feel I now look my best,wrinkles and all,I am turning 62 on Wednesday and I have many more good years to come.

It seems that some people are getting the message though,mostly in Europe.I always gets huge compliments on my hair and am just waiting for the right people to "discover" me and use me for a huge beauty campaign want to go out with a BIG bang.:)

I love hearing all your stories.You are all perfect !!! just strive to be the best you can ............not for the rest of the world,but for YOU.!!!!

PIA Gronning.


  1. Beautiful, stylish, and inspirational!

  2. Oh Pia - you are such a beautiful, elegant and graceful lady ... so inspirational :)

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  4. 62!!! Oh my.. I wish I would look so fantastic when I reach 62. This pic makes me even more determined to keep my hair long, and not do anything else, but keep it healthy and well treated. I'm 45 and my hair has changed a lot for the past ten years because of medication, but I look better now, due to using the right products. HEP! for looking great and grey/silver.. ;)))))

    Henriette/ Denmark

    1. I'm 45 too! I'm starting to go gray and honestly love it! ~Serene

  5. This is the most beautiful picture I've seen in a long, long time.

  6. I love the term "SILVER" as opposed to "gray". Check out - they have lots of great articles about silver hair and inspirational photos! :)

  7. I'm 31 and strawberry blonde, and developing some natural bold blonde streaks - no sign of grey but you make me wonder if I'll go properly grey one day!

    You are so beautiful - I've seen you in Toast catalogues, right? Making the clothes look super elegant :)

  8. Que cette femme est belle et quelle classe, j'ai 42 ans et je reve de lui ressembler dans 20 ans :)) j'ai trouvé assez peu de photos de Pia sur le net. Dommage!