Wednesday, October 26, 2011

But We Like Our Silver Hair!

Recently I decided to research natural treatments and foods that would keep gray hair shiny and healthy. I Googled various combinations of “natural treatments for gray hair,” “special foods for healthy gray hair,” “diet to maintain gray hair, etc.” I was looking for ways to enhance the silver color, and address the textural differences and dryness that I’ve experienced since my hair began turning gray.

I found plenty of natural treatments and dietary suggestions for maintaining healthy hair in general, but all specific references to gray hair only listed genetic factors and possible health conditions than might cause it, and suggested remedies to prevent, reduce, reverse, or get rid of it. It was as if gray hair was being treated as either the result of “old age,“ or a symptom of deficiency or illness.

There were several products being touted to hide the gray or dye the gray, and a few commercial shampoos and conditioners were available to combat yellowing, like Clairol’s Shimmer Lights, or Aveda’s Blue Malva. But I was seeking suggestions for maintaining healthy gray hair from the inside out. And perhaps there aren’t any natural treatments or foods specifically for gray hair. However, I was disappointed and dismayed at the negative connotations that were being associated with gray hair.

Here are a few excerpts from articles I found ~

As your body ages, your hair may become more white and gray for a number of reasons. The two primary causes of gray hair are prolonged worrying and a reduction of nutrients in your blood. By increasing your intake of certain healthy foods, you can restore some vitamins and minerals in your bloodstream and may be able to prevent and even partially reverse the graying of your hair.

From ~


Is there a Natural Remedy to Reduce or Reverse Gray Hair? I recently heard about supplements and other products that can reduce or reverse gray hair. Is there any truth in these products or are they bogus? Thanks for any input.

There is no scientific evidence that any diet, herb, supplement, or product can reduce or reverse gray hair, however, there are some underlying conditions that may result in premature gray hair

The article then goes on to list conditions that cause hair to turn gray, such as thyroid disorders, Vitamin B-12 deficiency anemia, Vitligo, a condition in which your skin loses melanocytis, early menopause, and smoking cigarettes.

From ~ www,

And then there was a product called REMINEX, guaranteed to reduce gray hair or your money back ~

REMINEX GH™ is now available in the United States without a prescription. Until very recently, most people resorted to messy coloring gel or liquid to cover up gray or premature white hair, yet those results are temporary. Our research studies show its ability to visibly revive dormant hair follicles, lack of pigments and discoloration of gray hair strands due to environment, aging, heredity, B-12 deficiency, Thyroid imbalance and anemia or viruses.

There was page after page of sites for “Gray Hair Remedies,” Gray Hair Prevention,” and “Stop Gray Hair.” I realize that gray hair CAN be genetic, and yes, it CAN be the result of a deficiency, imbalance or illness. But if it’s genetic and we’re destined to have gray hair, why can’t we just accept and love it for its own unique beauty, instead of dying it? And while we must certainly take care of ourselves with proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, is it reasonable to do so because we don’t want our hair to turn gray? Can’t we just do it because we care about our health and we want to feel good? And what if we LIKE our silver hair the way it is?

Aging is a natural process. We should be able to accept, appreciate, and enjoy our looks at every stage of lives. We've earned the right to be confident and comfortable in our skins, now. So why are we constantly pressured to go through life, desperately looking over our shoulders at who we used to be?


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  1. Thanks for this Carol - another interesting and great piece! Isn't it so depressing to read about the perceived negativity about having grey hair? It's almost as if it is a disease, to avoid at all costs! In fact, I find the perception so stupid and when I read the statements and advertisement excerpts you have stated I really find them rather funny. But we are not negative. We are grey and proud and we want to shout it from the rooftops that 'It's OK to be Grey!' We want to change mindsets - we WILL change mindsets! :)