Monday, October 10, 2011

What Works For You?

Going gray is something that all of us in the Gray and Proud group are adjusting to right now, but like everything else in life, some experiences and methods of dealing with change are unique and personal ~ what works for one person might not work for another.

Of course, some of the changes have as much to do with the passing of time as with going gray. The two do seem to go together, although I’ve known people who started graying quite early in life. But generally, “growing gray hair” goes hand in hand with “growing up.“ And that’s what we’re doing ~ we’re growing up ~ NOT growing old!

For me, growing up has been a process of becoming a mature, responsible adult, while maintaining the zest for life and curious, fun-loving spirit of a child. It’s the best of both worlds! I have a career that I enjoy, and I do housework and pay bills ~ but I also dance around barefoot, go on crazy “meals on wheels” road-trips with my girlfriends, wear silly sunglasses, and lay in the backyard at night with Ralph (my dog) and wish on stars.

I live from the inside out. I think a healthy person is a happier person. I concentrate less on wrinkles and gray hair, and more on eating better, finding physical activities that I enjoy, and doing the things I love. I try as much as possible to go with the flow. I gravitate toward people who are loving, accepting, and supportive, and gently let go with love the ones who exude negativity. And I’m developing an intimate relationship with my inner voice.:)

As for the growing gray part, I was surprised by how many things I’d been doing for years simply didn’t work anymore ~ like wearing particular colors, using certain types of makeup, etc. They may be superficial things, but it’s important for my well-being and self-confidence to discover beauty products, makeup, and clothes that work with the changes I’m going through.

These are some things that are working for me ~

I love Philosophy products. Amazing Grace and Pure Grace are my favorites. They’re clean, fresh, feminine, and moisturizing without feeling heavy, greasy, or overly perfumey. They’re youthful, without trying too hard. And I don’t get a headache when I wear them.

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo and Conditioner for blond and silver hair. It keeps silver hair silver instead of washed out yellow. And it’s not terribly expensive.

I switched to lighter, pinker lipsticks, and avoid brown/beige colors. And glossy, less matte lipsticks seem to work better now.

With makeup, less is more, but absolutely none doesn’t work either. Lighter, less mask-like foundation or sometimes just a little cover-stick around the eyes, with a dusting of translucent powder is fine.

Pink rather than peachy blush looks better with my hair now.

Also, I switched from brown eye shadows to charcoals and blue or purple-ish colors. My favorites are Sephora’s Black Flame 05 and Revlon/Satin Peacock Lustre 025.

As for wardrobe ~

Cooler colors are working better these days ~ love silvery gray and lavender. Neutrals, like tan, beige, and rust that I used to love look DREADFUL now.

I still love black, but NEED a little makeup when I wear it, or I look washed out.

I'll never stop wearing jeans ~ black jeans with a white top, or white jeans with a black top look fabulous with silver hair.

Silver jewelry looks better now. Love Saundra Messinger‘s ~

I buy better shoes now ~ nothing is worth blisters and achy feet. Has nothing to do with having gray hair, but everything to do with my overall demeanor. And I love flip-flops…

What works for you? Would love for everyone to post comments, ideas, thought, suggestions, tips, etc.


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  1. I have made quite a few changes to the colours I wear and the make-up products I now use since going grey but I have included these in my bio which will be posted in the next few days - so I'll not repeat them here.

    Regarding changes at this stage of my life, I am now 48 years’ old and I have found that there has been synchronisation between me going grey and going through the peri-menopause – it’s like they are going hand in hand. To be honest, I have found the peri-menopause quite a difficult period. I did attempt to use HRT in the early days but this didn’t work for me so I decided to tackle it ‘head-on’ and let nature take its course. I know it affects each of us in different ways but my own personal experience has been one of deep frustration at this transitional stage with all the various symptoms associated with it. I think (hope!) that it has reached its peak and I hope that I am on the tapering off stage as things aren’t as bad as they used to be. But, I do know that my body is different and my mental attitudes have changed. I feel that I value myself more and don’t always put other people first like I have always done (as wife, mother, etc). Of course, my children are now growing up into young adults so they don’t depend on me as much as they used to. I know it’s a phase and, from what I have read about the subject, things will settle down after menopause. I have also read that it’s like being ‘re-born’ and that I will feel like a ‘new woman’ with lots of energy when it’s over – I really do hope so. I would love to hear from anyone if this is so :)