Friday, January 4, 2013

Wardrobe Work Horse...The Black Jacket

My black jacket is by far the most versatile pieces of clothing in my wardrobe . I pair it with a black pencil skirt and pumps,and it's all business. I drape it over my shoulders with a little black dress, strappy satin stilettos, and a little bling, and it becomes an elegant evening wrap. Or I throw it over a pair of skinny jeans, tee shirt, suede booties, and top it all off with a chic scarf, and it pulls everything together beautifully.

I ALWAYS have a lightweight, lined, black jacket. The one above is very similar to the one I own now. It's the Burberry London Satin Tuxedo Jacket from Nordstroms. I know, Burberry is pricey, but when you consider the amount of wear-time you can get from this little work horse, it's worth every penny!



  1. This is a very nice looking jacket, although I think black looks somewhat harsh on me. I have a black jacket hanging in my closet and it's become an orphan. I would love to have a jacket of this style in ink blue. Wouldn't that be pretty :)
    So glad to have found this blog. Ruthe

    1. Ink blue would look fabulous, Ruthe. I have a gray jacket also that I really like...a shade or two lighter than charcoal, but a little less stark. Thanks for reading, and for your comments! C

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