Sunday, January 6, 2013

UGG Boots...Warm, comfortable, and stylish too!

A couple of months ago, when  temperatures dipped below freezing for the first time, I was preparing to go on a lengthy road trip. I HATE cold feet, so I bought a pair of UGG Bailey Button Boots for the drive. I ended up wearing them every day for the whole trip. In fact, I've been wearing them a lot ever since, even on slightly warmer days. They're so house-slippers...and they aren't too tight on my calves, even when I tuck my jeans into them. Of course, mine are black...

UGG's can look a little cumbersome, so I like to create a long, lean, look, by wearing them with charcoal gray skinny jeans, a long, fitted charcoal gray turtleneck and a black reversible vest that I bought recently...faux fur on one side, and quilted nylon on the other. Warm and comfortable feet...and stylish too! What more can a girl ask for?


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